Monday, November 16, 2015

Horus the Warmaster

It's been dark and stormy here in Arizona the last couple of days, so I had to do something different than the natural light setup I usually use. I'm not 100% happy with the pictures, but the model is done and I am very happy with how it turned out. :-)  If I get a chance to take more pictures before I have to give this to my friend, I will.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Battle Report: 75 Points, Menoth vs. Trolls

75 Points: Severius1 (Menoth) vs. Doomshaper2 (Trolls)

Thanks in advance for checking out my battle report! I hope you enjoy it. If you do, here are links to two other battle reports I’ve written, both hosted on my friend's blog Dice of the First Degree.
My previous two games were against Travis and his Cygnar. This game I partnered up with my buddy Joe, better known as Joe the Gozerian, Joe the Destructor, Joe the Traveler, Volguus Zildrohar, Lord of the Sebouillia, and Joe the Former Store Champion.

Seriously, Joe is one of my favorite opponents because 1) he’s good and 2) he plays with his entire faction (like me) and so our games are usually very interesting and feature a wide variety of caster pairings. My all-time favorite Warmachine game was against Joe, a Jarl vs. Vindictus battle a couple years ago where the only models left living on the table were our casters and Jarl, with only 1 remaining wound and sitting on 1 Fury, killed Vindictus on a hill. I think I had to roll a hard 10 to hit and then a boosted 11 for damage or something close to that to make it happen. It was crazy.

Anyway, enjoy! We had a great time playing this game, so I hope you have a great time reading about it.

**Edit: Joe was gracious enough to write out his thoughts about each turn of the game. I have added those comments in light purple so that it's clear who's talking and so people who have already read this report can quickly find his excellent contributions.**


Eastern Khador near Kovosk Hills

Hoarluk Doomshaper knelt in the dirt, head bowed and face twisted in concentration. His right hand held tightly to his staff, a kind of talisman that helped focus his mental energy. His left hand rested on the foot of an enormous Glacier King. Having recently located the beasts, Doomshaper found them to be much harder to tame than the Mountain Kings. Without the benefit of the blood shed during the battle against those honorless Druids when he opened a crack into the minds of the Mountain Kings, he could not use magic to assist in dominating these mighty trolls. He had only his force of will to bring them in line, and this particular Glacier King was proving especially stubborn. Doomshaper nearly lost his concentration as be began to chuckle. He knew a thing or two about being stubborn.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Infinity Nomad Geckos

I have been hard at work on these guys for a couple of months now. I knew the freehand would take a long time. It did - probably two or three times what I thought it would take to finish them - but I am quite pleased with the outcome.

The pictures turned out well, although it's tough to get the color balance right with so much bright white and dark colors on the same models. I purposely left some darker and some brighter to give you a better sense for the color, depth, and detail, but it's not perfect. You will all just have to come to Arizona and see them in person. :-)