Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Banner Saga Warbands Followers


  1. Fantastic ! Painting of dredge is planned? Thanks a lot

  2. Thanks! Yes...but they are not a high priority on my list of things to paint (they are beautiful models, but the color scheme is not that fun to paint). I will probably paint the Sundr [Bellower and the Stone Singer] before too long, but the rest of the Dredge might have to wait while I finish some other projects.

  3. ok thanks ! I understand !! It's not funny but grey/black isn't easy to paint !!! With some explications and models will be more easy for us :-)
    And how do you do your base (rock, ... ) ? Very cool !

    Thanks a lot, your wotk is fantastic !!!

  4. I will remember your comment when I paint the Dredge and will try to make a record of my process to share with you.

    I can give you two comments to think about with black and gray. If they are true neutral blacks/gray then they can be a bit boring. If you add a touch of dark blue, dark purple, dark green, or whatever to the black before you start lightening it with white to paint layers or highlights. The other comment is that if you are trying to keep things pretty dark but want highlights, then you can paint your gray layers and lighter highlights, and then mix up a wash of black (using water, matte medium, and black paint or ink) and glaze over the areas several times with this color until the color is right. It will maintain darker and lighter spots but will be more black and less gray.


    1. oh really ?!! Thanks !!!!! Your are top ! Thanks